Question Library

The new Questions Library feature is now available on the platform. A brilliant new concept was born from you telling us that you would like help creating solid/impactful questions. You can pick the best option from 24 carefully crafted questions from the Questions Library. The even better news is that this is just the beginning; over the next three months, our team will be adding more questions – so you can build high-quality surveys even faster.

Step-by-step walkthrough for using Questions Library:

Step 1: Create a project

The first step for using the Questions Library is to create a project from scratch. 

Step 2: Configure Section

After finishing the initial set-up, move to the configure section.

Step 3: Locate the new questions library button

Now, look to the top left of the screen and locate the new Questions Library button. 

Step 4: Open the questions library

After clicking on the button, the Questions Library tab will appear in the center of the screen. Here there are 24 ready-made questions available to select.

Step 5: Filter the questions

Make life easy, and filter the questions by keyword for example product or concept, or by areas such as brand, advertisement & media & product innovation, or by research type.

Step 6: Select the questions

Select the right questions and click add to the survey


Step 7: Edit your questions

Now the question is in the survey, it is possible to edit and rephrase both the questions & answers to fit your specific needs.

Step 8: Add more questions

A successful survey is never just one question, so now you have a decision to make, either add more questions from the Questions Library, or you can choose to add question types. 

Step 9: Launch your survey

Once you have built the survey, now is the time to send and start collecting insights 🙂

Please note that the Questions Library is available in English and Spanish. If you require a survey question in another language, you can enable the translation feature, and our technology will automatically translate the survey into a specific language.

The big plus point about this feature is that it should save you a significant amount of time. In addition, our team of experts has carefully written these questions to help you create impactful surveys.

Log in to the Zinklar platform and start using Questions Library.