How to Adopt a Real Time Consumer Insights Platform Successfully

Anna Raventós

Adopting a real-time consumer insights platform

It seems like every day, we are faced with a new twist in the ongoing saga of the Covid pandemic. So many things we have come to rely on are changing constantly, and we as consumers are pivoting in nearly all aspects of our lives — from what we buy to how we interact with the world around us. In this volatile environment, brands are keeping a watchful eye on consumer behavior. This is why a real-time consumer insights platform like Zinklar has become more and more popular among insights professionals and marketing teams. But how can brands that are still not using an insights platform adopt it successfully? How can brands make the most of the benefits they can provide? We will tell you all the details.

Real time insights report

Two-thirds of the most successful brands globally have embraced agile market research and consumer insights platforms. The result? Better business decisions are supported by up-to-the-minute insights. And in this climate, that’s a wise move. 

But for brands who have not used a consumer insight platform previously, it can be tricky to know where to start. This is why we’ve created this whitepaper to get you started in the world of real-time insights with confidence. 

We’ve included our key findings on the best practices for how brands can get the most from a smarts insights platform like Zinklar:

  • Why a real-time consumer insights platform?
  • Where to start? 
  • Common myths about real-time consumer insights platforms
  • Tips to get started


Download our whitepaper, and get set up for success in the New Normal. And if you are ready to join the forefront of brands looking to be a part of something bigger, get in touch and we can help you navigate the way forward. 

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