Creative testing: how to get the most memorable ad?

Anna Raventós

What is advertising creativity?

Creativity and innovation play a fundamental role in a context as saturated and competitive as advertising. Making a difference and doing it ingeniously is key to impacting the consumer and making your advertising memorable. If you want to know how to achieve this, find out how to do creative testing!

Post testing in advertising

Advertising creativity is developing advertising to promote an idea, product, or service. It’s about generating ideas and combining them strategically to communicate a message most effectively and capture the potential customer’s attention.
The key to creative advertising is to create a powerful concept to connect with the consumer and arouse their interest, differentiating your brand from the rest of the competitors.

When developing the creative strategy of an advertising campaign, it’s essential to consider the needs and desires of the target audience. The creative message and language must be adapted to the public, focusing advertising on encouraging the desire to purchase your product or service in that segment.

Why is advertising creativity important?

Creative advertising is important because it affects consumers’ thoughts about a brand or its products or services. Creative ads generate greater engagement, making a product or service more desirable to consumers.

Working on an excellent creative advertising strategy is essential to make an impact on the audience. The more an ad is liked, the more memorable it will be. You can use humor, dramatization, testimonial content, exaggeration, intrigue, relevant data, well-known characters, news, etc.

Thus, a creative advertising campaign should seek more than just sales and promotion. It must also achieve engagement and increase the brand image, that is, connect the brand with the consumer and transmit the value proposition of the product or service.

Ad Pre-Testing Template

How to create an attractive advertisement?

Creative marketing is a determining factor in a brand’s communication to be present in the consumer’s mind and achieve the desired advertising objectives.

Behind every creative advertising campaign, an innovative team has developed the entire creative process, from the idea to the message and ending with the campaign’s creative assets presented to the consumer.

An advertisement must awaken interest in the target audience and provoke emotion to be attractive. It’s essential to find a balance between an advertisement’s functional and emotional elements. To ensure that this happens, an advertising test can be used to analyze the response of the different aspects of an advertising campaign.

On the other hand, good creative advertising must be adapted to any media. To this end, the message strategy must be consistent throughout the communicative discourse and always be based on the same creative concept. Each channel has its characteristics, and the advertising format must be adapted.

How to do ad creative testing? Creative testing best practices

Creative advertising can be measured and evaluated using different advertising tests, and they usually consist of two phases: idea generation and creative evaluation.

  • Pre-Test advertising allows for gathering consumer insights on ads before launching a new campaign to ensure its effectiveness.
  • Post-Test advertising. This testing method allows for measuring the impact and ad performance of a campaign and the effectiveness of the advertising investment made. It can be carried out with the campaign already on air or completed.

Examples of top-performing advertisements

To stand out in such a saturated sector, original adverts must be created. Although it’s not an easy task, there are many examples that have been applauded by the public -and even by the competition-, such as:

  • Nike and its Just Do It. Nike is one of the leading brands in sportswear. Nike’s ads are always surprising and are usually liked by the public. Moreover, many athletes are the brand’s image and this helps to make consumers want to wear it.
  • Another brand of reference to mention original ad campaigns is Budweiser. The brand invests in effective campaigns and sporting events such as the World Cup or the Super Bowl. They have succeeded in creating memorable ads many times, such as this one.
  • And if creating an original campaign is already arduous, making it often and meeting the public’s expectations is another level. This is more or less what happens to brands like Netflix, which create their campaigns as part of their brand image to transmit the values that characterize them. By doing this, the public identifies them in each of Netflix’s advertising actions.
  • Speaking of branding, we cannot fail to mention Amazon, whose commercials have also appeared in huge showcases such as the Super Bowl. This brand is another example of investing in promoting its products by creating good advertisements that resonate with the public and generate an unlimited conversation.

Do you want to achieve creative and original advertising campaigns that are memorable for the consumer? Enter the Zinklar platform and check how your ad creatives perform. Start making data-driven decisions and launch a successful marketing strategy.

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