5 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Brand Recall

Anna Raventós

What is brand recall?

Are you aware that most individuals refrain from purchasing products or services of which they possess inadequate knowledge? That’s why it’s a big challenge for companies to get consumers to think about their brand and its benefits. When consumers already know a brand, they don’t need to process information to purchase. Imagine being the brand that everyone remembers! You need a clear strategy to position your brand in the consumer’s mind to achieve this. Discover effective ways to enhance your brand recall!  Brand recall or Brand Awareness refers to consumer familiarity with your product or service. Your goal is to get consumers to recognize and choose your brand first, not just your friends and family.

Brand recognition is strongly linked to branding so that good brand management will work positively on brand recognition. The variables that define brand recognition are:

  • Brand awareness, is an indicator to determine brand awareness or Brand recall. Indeed, if I ask you about a soft drink brand, one of the first that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. This is spontaneous awareness. On the other hand, if I give you a list of soft drink brands and ask you which one you know, we are talking about suggested awareness.
  • Brand image: defines the values that consumers decode and associate with your brand.
  • Brand positioning: indicates the place your brand occupies in the consumer’s mind about the similarities and differences of your competitors.

Working effectively on these variables will allow you to raise brand awareness, have strong brand recognition, make it well-valued in the market, and get consumers to buy your products.

Why brand recognition is important

Would you like your brand to be the first choice in the minds of your consumers when they need a product or service? Then you need to increase your brand awareness!

Increasing brand recognition will allow the consumer to associate your brand with the product category or specific actions, making you stand out from your competition. In this way, you will also allow the consumer to establish positive experiences with your brand, which will generate a more significant value towards it. All this will improve the connection with your consumer.

This connection that is created with the target encourages their trust and credibility towards your brand. Become the top-of-mind brand in the consumer’s mind and achieve greater loyalty and positive recommendation!

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How to maximize brand recognition?

To generate brand recognition, it’s necessary to build awareness, a good image, and positioning. All this will allow you to gain relevance and differentiation based on a unique value proposition. Your goal should be to become part of the consumer’s lifestyle and buying habits.

And for this, having consumer insights will allow you to identify, on the one hand, the needs and desires of the consumer and, on the other hand, the image and positioning of the brand according to their perceptions. With this information, you can optimize your brand awareness strategy, thus maximizing brand recognition. And how to do it? Through market research.

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To generate brand recognition and position itself as a strong brand, being part of the consumer’s lifestyle and buying habits is key. And for this, it’s fundamental:

  • Segment the market and the consumer: knowing your target audience and having a good segmentation allows you to communicate more personally with the target and achieve a greater connection with them. In this way, you generate trust among consumers and, consequently, loyalty and recommendation.
  • Visual identity: since all the elements that make up a brand send a message to the consumer, it’s necessary to maintain a clear and coherent visual identity in any communication, whether it be on the packaging itself, advertising, point of sale, etc.
  • Personalize your brand: as part of your image and positioning strategy, define personality attributes that differentiate your brand and allow you to establish an emotional bond with the consumer. Treating your brand as if it were a person will allow you to work on values such as closeness and proximity.
  • Tell a story: stories generate connection, so creating a narrative around your brand will allow you to offer the consumer something real, closer, and closer. Hence, the relevance of storytelling as a marketing strategy is to humanize your brand and generate a greater connection with your audience.
  • Socialize with your target audience: create a community around your brand and interact with your target, generating content of interest and sharing it on social networks. An interaction that works in favor of personalization and humanization of the brand. Making your brand social will allow you to achieve a greater presence in the consumer’s mind and, consequently, a better brand recognition.

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