Three Common Myths About Insights Platforms

Anna Raventós

Insights’ Quality

According to recent ESOMAR reports, the trend to internalize market research is already on an upward swing, and it is expected to continue in the coming years. The need to have ongoing conversations with consumers has changed how many brands approach insights. 

Real time insights report

With these significant changes happening in the market, accessing high-quality consumer insights quickly and effectively will be vital. To help get started, let’s now bust a few insights platforms myths about internalizing research through real-time insights technologies.

Some may think that using a real-time insights platform may produce lesser quality data when actually it gives you access to higher quality insights. For example, with Zinklar’s platform, the research model is designed to replicate the industry’s standards in a more efficient way. Our sample is provided by top players in the industry, who all meet the requirements with the industry certifications. The mobile-only technology allows for the greatest possible representation of the population. Our questionnaire templates and our research support team will help you create the best surveys to gather the insights you need. In addition, we give you 5 tips to outperform your market research and become an insights expert.

Need for more frequent insights

Some brands might say that they don’t run enough studies during the year to need continuous access to a platform. This made sense when developing traditional market research was the only way. The cost of a single survey and the time needed to launch every research project created a model of larger, more infrequent surveys. Thankfully, launching a survey with a platform like Zinklar is easier, faster, and more efficient. Real-time insights platforms allow an iterative way of getting insights, which means that brands can develop research and listen to consumers constantly without having to mount a large-scale study each time. The technology is easy to use and makes it fast and easy to launch more surveys and instantly put them into action.

Complexity to launch a survey

Some might say that launching a survey is too complicated to do in-house. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The interface of a platform like Zinklar is intuitive and user-friendly, and it guides you through the process effectively, making launching a survey easy and fast. Predefined survey questionnaires and question libraries give you options to build effective survey questionnaires. In a matter of clicks, you’ll have your research set up and get results within hours. The platform gives you back time and investment of effort, but if there is still a question, a supportive team of experts will be on hand to show you how to optimize the use of the platform for each of your projects.

The best way to myth bust the quality of insight platforms is to give the Zinklar platform a try. With immediate access to over 140 million consumers from over 80+ countries. It is a low-risk option with a potentially high level of reward.

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