A naming test or name test is a market research type of study that allows brands to determine if the chosen name for their product transmits the correct values and if consumers will understand the product.

Our Success Story: Entering a new product category. Naming test case


To learn how some of our clients have carried out Naming Test studies and the results obtained thanks to the strategies implemented based on consumer insights, continue reading:

A premium formula milk brand in the child nutrition category decided to enter the children’s cereal category. The brand’s objective was to be considered a global benchmark in child nutrition, but the leading brand in the children’s cereal category was very well positioned. So much so that when the brand carried out a Tracking of consumer habits for the category for 3 months, they found out that 95% of consumers didn’t know what children’s cereals were and simply thought that the competitor’s brand name was the actual name of the product.

The brand tested several naming options using a Naming test and conducted another U&A study including packaging options with images of the baby with the cereals. 75% choose the name of the brand followed by the category.

A Product Perception study was launched to find that 80% were willing to buy it. A communication plan was then created and the brand collaborated with several nutrition experts that validated their statements. Several pretests were carried out to find the most relevant content to include in the communication.

During the 6 months following the launch, the brand continued tracking Brand Awareness and managed to increase the category’s Brand Awareness from 23% to 55%.

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