10 questions to measure your advertising effectiveness

Anna Raventós

How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising plays a fundamental role in a brand’s strategy, so it is crucial to measure the effectiveness of the actions carried out to ensure an effective marketing strategy and that the communication and advertising investments being made are the right ones to meet the objectives. This is especially important in large advertising campaigns such as Black Friday, the World Cup, and Christmas.

Post testing in advertising

Given its importance, advertising budgets represent one of the most significant investments for many companies, so measuring ad effectiveness allows brands to evaluate the impact and know the acceptance or rejection level obtained in the target audience. This is valuable information for the optimization of current campaigns and future communication strategies.

Brands are aware of this, and proof of this is that the market research sector set a new growth record in 2021, reaching $119 billion (15% more than in the previous year), according to the latest ESOMAR report. And according to the study, the forecast for 2023 is $130 billion.

More and more brands are measuring the impact of their advertising campaigns in real time. For this purpose, market research offers different solutions such as, for example, the advertising Pre-Test and Post-Test (see survey templates). Through the latter study, brands can monitor their campaigns and obtain actionable insights to achieve more significant market share in a context of a lot of noise generated by countless competitors, events, and data.

What you will find in the Advertising Post-Test guide:

  • How to ensure advertising effectiveness in large advertising campaigns such as Black Friday, the World Cup, and Christmas.
  • The different types of Post-Tests and main KPIs that will lead to success
  • How to sky-rocket your next ad campaign ROI
  • FREE: 10 key questions for your Ad Post-Test survey

Launch a successful advertising campaign measuring its effectiveness correctly with our ultimate guide to Ad Post-Testing.

Ad Pre-Testing Template

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