Brands at the World Cup: the consumer ranking

Anna Raventós

What about the Official World Cup Sponsors?

The FIFA World Cup is breaking audience records around the world. Once again, this competition has become the best showcase for brands. For this reason, measuring advertising effectiveness at an event of this magnitude is more crucial than ever to ensure that the brand at the World Cup makes the right impact on consumers’ minds.

It’s not just about the matches, but the Qatar 2022 World Cup impacts the consumption of any type of information related to the competition that is published before, during, or after the event. In order to evaluate the impact of a brand campaign, organizations should consider different advertising tests.

In addition to the advertising Post-Test, which is carried out once the campaign is over, the ad-tracking study can be relevant to know what impact the advertising actions carried out during the World Cup have and how long their effects last over time.

Consumers have reported their willingness to buy related to the official World Cup Sponsors. Nike, Pepsi, and McDonald’s advertising strategies have set the brands apart from others, such as Coca-Cola or Qatar Airways, with a big difference in purchase intent.

What you will find in the World Cup Brands Ranking

  • Media channels consumers choose to stay up-to-date with the World Cup
  • Consumer ranking: Top-of-mind brands during the 2022 World Cup
  • Which brand has massively increased the “willingness to buy” by sponsoring the World Cup
  • How to ensure your advert effectiveness during major campaigns


world cup brands report

Survey design

The study that supports this report was conducted in November 2022, during the group stage of the World Cup, through the Zinklar insights platform. 4,000 online surveys were undertaken across eight markets: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Zinklar helps all types of brands gain access to consumer insights quickly and seamlessly. By using the platform, brands are able to make the best decisions at any given moment, accelerating their success and allowing them to outperform their competitors.

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