Qatar World Cup Ads 2022: the impact for brands

Anna Raventós

Qatar World Cup 2022 sponsors

The World Cup is the best showcase for brands. It is the most watched sporting event in the world, ahead of the Super Bowl. According to forecasts, the audience for this year’s competition will be around 5 billion people in more than 200 countries worldwide. But it is not just about broadcasting the matches; the World Cup also impacts the consumption of information published before, during, and after the event. So the World Cup ads are really important.

Companies need to be present at an event such as the World Cup, as 76% of fans are more likely to find out about a brand if it sponsors sporting events, and 69% of them choose its products if the price or quantity is similar to that of its competitors. According to Euronews the spending on advertising and marketing around the World Cup is set to hit a record high, giving Qatar 2022 the potential to provide a unique experience for brands.

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The Qatar 2022 World Cup has seven advertising partners with marketing and promotional rights to FIFA and its competitions, including the World Cup: Adidas, Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, Hyundai Motors, VISA, Qatar energy, and Wanda Group.

Coca-Cola World Cup Ad

On the other hand, the World Cup has different official world cup sponsors that will be promoted during the competition, such as BudweiserMcDonald’s (that has unveiled its largest global campaign to date), Hisense, Vivo,, China Mengniu Dairy Company, and Byju’s.

Finally, the Qatar 2022 World Cup also has continental promoters, a group of up to 20 brands from different continents (4 per continent), which have contracted an advertising and marketing service partner with FIFA World Cup. Some of them are: Claro, Frito-Lay, UPL Ltd, The Look Company, and others who have already presented their advertising campaigns, such as Pepsi, Fox sportsPuma and Nike.

Nike World Cup Ad

What is different about the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

  • It is the first time the World Cup will take place in autumn and winter. The main reason for this change is that summer temperatures in Qatar can reach 45-50 degrees Celsius. The difference in start dates from the summer means that professional football leagues will stop during the world cup.
  • The first time that the FIFA World Cup will take place in West Asia.
  • This edition will be the shortest (28 days), and the one played in the smallest country to host the tournament. (the country’s surface area does not exceed 12,000 km2).
  • Qatar has had to build 8 stadiums for the FIFA World Cup 2022
  • It is Qatar’s first appearance at a World Cup (the host country gets direct participation in the competition).

How to measure advertising effectiveness during the Qatar World Cup 2022

Measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of an advertising campaign is essential to ensure that the brand is making the right impact in the minds of consumers. This analysis is especially important for major events such as the World Cup in Qatar, where such a large advertising investment is at stake.

Advertising testing helps brands evaluate their advertising impact, recognition, persuasive power, and recall, among other indicators. Brands should carry out an advertising post-test to determine and assess success vs. objectives and to identify improvements for future advertising actions.

In addition to the advertising post-test, an ad-tracking study can be particularly relevant in events such as the Qatar World Cup. This type of research gathers consumer feedback on how different campaigns influence them. In this way, with brand tracking, brands can find out what impact the advertising actions carried out during the World Cup have and how long their effects last over time.

Finally, for brands in more than one country or planning to open up new markets, conducting an international market study is beneficial to analyze and compare consumer behavior, trends, competitor positioning within the market, etc., between markets.

Don’t think twice and measure your advertising effectiveness during the Qatar 2022 World Cup!

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