What is Exploratory Research Study?

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Our Exploratory Research Success Stories

Exploratory research is a market research study type that allows you to explore your category and find your target to design subsequent studies. Once that is completed, you can conduct in-depth consumer research into more specific subjects.

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To learn how some of our clients have carried out Exploratory Research studies and the results obtained thanks to the strategies implemented based on consumer insights, continue reading:

Case One: Category consumption exploratory research

In the first one, a toothpaste brand needed to come up with new value propositions in order to hold its privileged position in the industry. To do so, the brand considered following incremental innovation strategies and relaunching or substituting existing products, and so conducted a multi-country test covering every one of its target markets to find trends and opportunities to act on. Afterward, they launched a Concept Screening test, 4 Monadic studies, and a few Packaging testing studies. Through that process, they found a tendency in their audience of adding natural remedies to their tooth care products to achieve better results.

Based on this, the brand decided to launch a new product, which ended up causing +10% in global annual sales. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

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Case Two: New target repositioning

In the second one, a multinational dairy product producer saw its sales hit rock bottom because of the massification of its product category and the little differentiation within it. To combat this, they decided to rethink their communication strategy and use a strategy based on supporting its ‘healthy’ brands.

The company launched several U&A studies, Exploratory Research, Concept testing, and Product testing, to understand their target’s purchase intent and consumption habits, which led to the redefinition of the target and the design and launch of 2 pilot new products. This ended up giving the brand an increase of 4pp in global market penetration. Learn all about the complete Success Story.

To learn more about Zinklar’s market research Success Stories, visit our page and learn how we helped world-class brands reach the next level and place the consumer at the center of their organizations.

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