Survey Creation

Ready to create your survey. Follow these easy steps to create surveys like a pro through Zinklar.

Important information

  • 10 minutes is the maximum length of a questionnaire permitted on the platform. Once the survey reaches 7 minutes no more questions can be added. This is to ensure mobile compatibility, that respondents have a positive experience and to guarantee sample completion.
  • 5 megabytes is the maximum file limit for any pictures/images uploaded to the survey. Formats allowed are: PNG, JPG.
  • 50 megabytes is the maximum file limit for any video uploaded to the survey. Formats allowed: MP4, AVI.
  • If you need to apply some exclusions to questions or to filter respondents, then you need to apply them using the ‘logic’ function to all of the relevant questions.
  • Logic can only be copied when you duplicate the previous question but if you need a new question format then the logic can not be copied from question to question it has to be manually added.
  • Be aware that each question will provide an estimate of required completion time and this will vary depending on the time of the question and the number of options included.
  • There is a limit of 15 answers for each question, so think carefully about the possible responses respondents can give and the purpose of each question.

On-screen options

  • Overview: this will show a list of all the questions included in the survey so far.
  • Add question: this allows you to add a new question to the survey. Each new question will be added to the bottom of the survey, but it can then be moved to your preferred position.
  • Settings: will let you choose different settings within a specific question.
  • Back arrow: this will take you back to the previous step where you’ll be able to amend the survey & sample details.
  • Forward arrow: takes you to the next step i.e. survey launch.
  • Save: save your changes as you go. You will also be prompted to save your work before leaving the page.
  • Preview: gives you a preview of the survey in mobile format.
  • Share: allows you to share the survey preview with colleagues for their input or approval.
  • Price: this is updated as you add questions to the survey and increase the interview length.
  • Estimated duration: keeps you up to date with the survey length. 10 minutes is the maximum length allowed.
  • Summary: a reminder of the sample details.