Your Projects

Once you log-in to the platform, you will be presented with your Projects page. If this is your first time in Zinklar, this page will be empty.

If you have already launched or created projects in the past, you can navigate through them by clicking on the options on the top of the page:

Open: Projects currently in fieldwork, which you can access by clicking on them to follow results in real time.


Finalized: Projects that have closed, which you can access by clicking on them to review and analyze the results.


Drafts: Projects that are waiting to be launched, which you can access by clicking on them in order to review target selection and content of the questionnaire before launching.


Each project has a menu that can be opened by clicking on the 3 dots on the right end side of its box. The options available are:

  • View the results (for open and finalized projects)
  • Edit the project (for drafts only)
  • Duplicate the project: This action will create an exact replica of the project, copying both the information contained in the target selection step and the content of the questionnaire. You will be able to make any amendments necessary before launching.
  • Delete the project (for drafts only): This action will permanently delete the draft from your account. Projects launched cannot be deleted from your account.
  • Share results (for open and finalized projects): This action gives you the possibility to send the results of the project to any e-mail contact you like. The receiver will only be allowed to see the results page of this specific project but will not be able in any way to perform actions on your account nor see any other project existing in your account. This action is useful if you need to share your findings with a colleague or a department.
  • Share survey: This action allows you to send the preview of the survey to any e-mail contact you like. The receiver will only be allowed to go through the questionnaire just like a panelist would do, but they will not be able to make any amendment or perform any action involving your account. This option is useful if you need to have a second opinion or an approval about your survey or if you need to double check with someone that all possible logic paths are covered.


At the very top of the page you will notice a tab called Multi-Projects, near the Projects tab. This is an advanced functionality we developed at Zinklar in order to allow clients to create and easily compare the same project across different countries (Multi-Country) or the same project across different waves (Tracking). If you want to know more about it and how to use it, we recommend that you go to the “How-To” section, where a dedicated guide with videos has been helpfully created.

Start a new project

Whenever you need to start a new project, you can click on “Create New Project” at the top right of your Projects page. An interface will open, asking you to select 3 simple choices before passing to the target selection step:

Type of audience: Here you need to choose if you want to interview mobile respondents from the world’s best consumer panels or if you want to interview your own list of contacts. This second option is only available for Premium clients. If you would like to know more about it, please get in touch with Zinklar’s sales department.


Description: Here you will first be asked to describe the purpose of your survey in a few words. You objective can be easily found again in the Results page of your project, so that it will be easier to recall what you were trying to achieve with it. Also, you will need to tag your project, choosing from the list in the scroll down menu. This will help you categorize your studies and recognize them faster when you are navigating in your Projects page. You need to choose a minimum of one tag and a maximum of two tags per project.


Origin: Here you should choose whether you want to start a project from scratch, re-use a previous project, or select a template. If you choose to start from a previous project, the system will copy the project you indicate to start with, both in the target selection choices and in the questionnaire itself. You will be able to modify any part of the project at your convenience. If you choose to start from a predefined template, you will need to fill in the target selection step according to your needs, and you will be able to modify the proposed questionnaire at your convenience.