Screening Questions

The Screen Out feature will allow you to narrow down your desired target through screening questions.

When using it, you will be requested to enter the percentage of people that you anticipate being able to complete the screening questions. This is called Incidence (IR).


When selecting the target (Step 1) you now have the option to activate the Screen Out functionality. Please be aware that you may ask the Research Team or Customer Success department for more details about it.

When activating the functionality, you will be requested to set the estimated IR. That input will represent the percentage of the respondents expected to complete the project after answering the screening questions.

The IR will be applied to the corresponding Sample Type selected: National Representative or Customized Profile. For example, if you want to interview drivers that only drive on Sunday: First you will select the “car owner” or “access to a car” profile, then in your Screen Out questionnaire you will ask about which days of the week the respondent usually drives. The IR you will set on this step is the percentage of people that you are expecting to answer that actually do drive on Sunday, not the car ownership/access to car percentage of the population.

The lower the IR, the more challenging is to find the right respondents, hence the project increases its costs.

Once you put the estimated IR, the platform will automatically calculate the costs and pricing of the project. After setting up the Demographics needed and/or Exclusions, you will move to Configure the survey (Step 2).

Building your questionnaire

Now you will create two types of questions: Screening & Standard questions. You need to add at least one screening question, but you can add up to three. To do it, you have a “+”,
as in the image below.

After writing the questions, you will set up the needed logics. We recommend testing all possible scenarios using the Preview functionality. These will count towards the estimated duration of the questionnaire.

The standard questions are those that everyone that completes the screening question will see. These are the only ones you will see the results for once in fieldwork; at the moment we are not reporting the distributions of the screening questions.

Once your survey is in fieldwork

After the survey is finished, you will see both your Estimated IR and the Actual one. The actual IR will be the one resulting from the real answers to the screen out questions. Going back to the initial example, the actual IR will be the percentage of people that actually answer that do drive on Sunday from the total “car owners” and “access to car” profiles.

If there are big differences between these two you will see delays in fieldwork closure. Also, please be aware that the project might not even be feasible if the gaps are too big. This is why we strongly recommend putting an accurate Incidence rate in Step 1.

After the survey is completed

If there’s a difference between the Estimated Incidence and the Actual Incidence, the system will calculate the new costs and make the necessary adjustments. You can see these in the Movements section of your account. You will see the initial debit for the estimated metrics, then a full refund and finally a new debit for the final metrics. It’s very important to keep in mind that these adjustments are automatic, which is why we stress the importance of providing the most accurate IR available for you. In addition, we recommend you have enough balance in your account in case the final metrics are higher than the estimated ones.

And that’s all you need to know to create your first Screen Out project! No need to be afraid. We’ll be with you every step of the way. If you need anything, just contact us.