Segment audiences with special regions

Introducing Special Regions

The special region tab in Zinklar has been introduced to make it even easier to target the correct person. Available within the demographics section of the project set-up. It allows users to segment audiences by Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and States. The feature is available for multiple countries including the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Romania and many more.


What is a designated market area?

A designated market area (DMA), also referred to as a media market, is a geographic area used to segment television and radio markets. The USA has 210 non-overlapping DMAs covering the entire continental U.S, Hawaii, and parts of Alaska.

DMAs are determined by the Nielsen Company and impact the cost of advertising in a specific area. The more viewers in a particular DMA, the more an advertisement will cost. This is why a television ad in New York City costs more than an advert in Montgomery, Alabama.

DMA data is essential for any marketer, researcher, or organization seeking to use standardized geographic areas within their business. Advertisers use a designated market area or DMA for multi-media planning. When evaluating the marketing mix, it is essential to understand the DMAs you are targeting and weigh the potential opportunities and costs.

How to use Special Regions  in Zinklar Insights Platform:

Learn the steps for segmenting a United States audience by Designated Market Areas within the Zinklar Insights platform.

Step 1 – Select the USA as the country for your study

Step 2 – Choose either National Representative or Pre-Defined Profiles

Step 3 – Under demographics click select use demographics customization options

Step 4 – Scroll down to Geographical areas and slide the grey box to blue

Step 5 – Select special regions (the default is Areas)

Step 6 – Find the DMAs or state and select the areas you want to target

Step 7 – When you select a special region two boxes will appear in the box labeled with a percentage icon you need to choose the audience representation from this region in your study

Step 8 – The feasibility of the study will be calculated once the percentage figure for all equals 100%. If there is more or less than 100% the study will not be calculated. 

Remember if you want to target four DMAs then an even selection would be 25% in each section. If you want to focus on one DMA then you need to enter 100% into the box.  The below screenshot shows an example of one DMA with 100% entered. 

The automatic sample size for any project is N-200. Once you have selected your region and the percentages add up to 100. Then you can increase the sample size and these numbers will automatically update for each DMA based on the percentage figure assigned. The below example shows four DMA selected with each area representing 25% and the sample size is 500, the platform automatically calculates the exact number for each area.

DMA four regions

The DMAs you chose will then be reflected in the results of your projects in the Demographics tab and also in the downloadable aggregated tables.

Key benefits

  • Target the views of specific local consumers ahead of launching  television & radio campaigns
  • Be more specific and select local research samples
  • Segment and analyze consumer data from the local television market

Start targeting specific consumers from any DMA in the USA by logging into the Zinklar Insights platform.