Own Database projects

This feature allows you to send surveys to your own list of contacts.

Entry Point

From your projects page select “Create New Project” and under the category “Audience” select Own Database. You need to be a Premium client in order to have access to this functionality.

Objective and type

Write the objective you are trying to achieve with the survey and pick a type for your project. Types for Own Database surveys are different from those of Consumer Panels surveys as usually the purposes are different.


Target Selection

Once on the target selection page, everything is almost the same as in a Consumer Panels project. The only differences are:


It is by default set on “No Specific Country”. This is because it is possible that your list of contacts is not segmented by country and thus would be misleading to associate the survey to a location. You can select any language currently supported by the platform to be used for the survey. If, on the other hand, you have a list of contacts segmented by country you can select any world country from the dropdown list. This way the location where your survey took place will show in your results, the language will automatically switch to the one of the country selected, and it will allow you to collect the geographical areas of your respondents, within the country selected (see the paragraph on Demographic Variables)


Sample Size

You are requested to set a sample size between 200 and 10,000. You are not sure how many people will be able to answer your survey? Don’t worry, just pick your desired sample size and if you can’t reach it you will be able to close the project whenever you think you have collected enough responses for your purpose (see the paragraph Stop the Survey)

Demographic Variables

As this survey is going to be answered by your personal list of contacts, we cannot know beforehand how these classify in terms of socio-demographics. Nonetheless, if you select “Use demographics customisation options” we will introduce profiling questions before your survey in order to classify your respondents:

– If you had previously selected “No Specific Country” or a country that is NOT available for the Consumer Panels audience, we will only ask your respondents for their age and gender.

– If you had previously selected a country that is also available for the Consumer Panels audience, we will ask your respondents for their age, gender, and geographical area within the country selected.

This information will then be shown in the left column of your results page, just like for a normal Consumer Panels project. As always, you can also decide to filter your respondents by any of the socio-demographic variable or, if you are a Premium client, to set specific quotas to associate to each variable.



Unlike for the Consumer Panels audience, for Own Database projects you are not able to exclude participants from previous projects. This is because we do not know who are the people answering your survey and thus there is no way for us to contact them again.


We charge 1,000 Credits per survey (limited to a max of 10,000 database records) for any Own Database project, regardless of questionnaire length and answers collected. This is because the people answering the survey are your own contacts and it wouldn’t be fair to make you pay for them. The fee that we charge is exclusively for the use of the platform and its features.

Launch the Project

After you have programmed the questionnaire (which works in the exact same way as any Consumer Panels project) you can now launch the project. When you click on “Launch Project” a link will be generated after a few seconds. It is your responsibility at this point to make sure that this link arrives to all the people of your interest (through marketing automation tools, e-mail, social network, your company website, etc.). Your project is now in field and as soon as the first answers are received you will see them entering in real time in your results page.

Stop the Survey

When your project is in progress, you can always retrieve the link to the survey by clicking on the button on the top bar. This is useful in case you want to reinforce invites after a certain period of time.

If you haven’t reached your desired sample size but you are satisfied with the number of responses received, you can close the survey by clicking on “Stop the Survey Now”. By confirming this action, the link to the survey will become inactive and no more answers will be collected. Be aware that the action is not reversible.

In the results page, if in the target selection you did not tick the socio-demographic variables, the left menu will be empty. This is because we did not introduce the profiling questions pre-survey. Viceversa, if you had ticked the option, we would have collected and displayed the socio-demographic information from your participants.