Review & Launch

Once you have finalised the Target Selection and the Survey Creation steps, you can proceed to the third and final step: launch the survey and start gathering your data.

On the top left side of the page you will be required to enter your billing information. If you had previously filled in the data inside the billing section of your Account, these will automatically be copied in this step so that you don’t need to enter them every time.

On the right side you will see the project price recap, calculated as:

– The base price (calculated from the sample size selected, the incidence of the profile selected, and the estimated length of interview).
– Any applicable tax (depending on the country selected in your billing information).
– Any discount associated to your plan with Zinklar.


You can then decide if you want to pay the project with balance from your plan or with credit card, by selecting the corresponding option. In case you decide to pay with balance, the system will display how much money will be left in your account after the purchase.

The very last decision you need to take before launching is whether you want to launch immediately or if you want to schedule the launch for a specific day and time in the future. This option is particularly useful if you are programming your questionnaire late at night, when the chances of closing the project fast are low. You can schedule the launch up to 5 days in the future. In case you are launching in a country with a different time zone, the system will show you the exact time of the country surveyed.


At this point you are done! Click on “Project Launch” and start receiving answers!

Zinklar will automatically connect with the panel providers and invites will be sent to the target group you requested.
An interface will open asking if you want to go directly to the project results or if you want to go back to your Projects page.
Depending on the length of your questionnaire, you should be starting to receive the first results after 10-15 minutes. This is the time required for the invites to be received by the panelists and for these last ones to access their mobile phones and take the time to answer your survey. Once the first answers come in, the remaining ones will flow in smoothly and super fast! The green progress bar will indicate the completion status.

Once you approach the conclusion of the field, you will notice that the pace at which answers come in slows down dramatically. Don’t panic! This is very much normal as towards the end the number of panelists who have received the invitation remains very little and you will need to wait for some of them to open this invitation and respond to the survey. It is also possible that most of your quotas have been met and there is only one or two left open: in this case you need to wait until panelists from exactly those remaining unfilled quotas open their invitation.

But don’t worry, Zinklar’s average field time is 3 hours and 37 minutes (for an average sample size of 350 respondents) so you can rest assured that your survey will close within your working day.