Getting Started

We’re the agile consumer insights platform that turns Market Research into an ‘everyday’ solution for companies globally, delivering results in real-time at a fraction of the cost of conventional providers.

We source our respondents from the most respected and well-known panel providers in the market, the same ones traditional agencies use. Respondents are exclusively mobile, which helps us give you greater representativeness and faster results.

On average, we deliver results within 3 hours. You can track responses as the survey is completed, and monitor and analyze your results in real-time from the dashboard. Our final price is calculated depending on the sample size, selected profiles, and length of the interview.

By cutting out the middleman, your final price will be a fraction of that of traditional agencies.

Account Registration

Register on the platform by entering your email address, your name and by choosing a password.

An email confirmation will be sent to your account. Click on the verification link and you’re good to go! If you’re already registered, just log in with your email address and password. If you have problems logging back into your account, you’ll be able to reset your password from here.

Your Projects

Once logged in, you will be taken to your main page, which displays all your projects to date, as well as project drafts and a button to create a new project. You can also filter to view specific types of projects:
create project

Create projects – You can create new surveys by clicking on the ´Create project´ button in the centre of the homepage. You will have the option to either create the following:
Study – Market research survey
Monadic Test – Compare the same project across different stimulus
Multi-country – Compare the same project across different countries
Tracking – Compare the same project across different waves

Zinklar set up
Open projects – surveys currently in the field: you can check their progress or click on any of them to see results updating in real-time. You can share the results dashboard (or just the survey) with any of your contacts. You can also decide to duplicate the project if you need to launch it a second time.

Finalised projects – surveys already completed: you can access the dashboard to see the final results or download them in Excel or PowerPoint. You can also share or duplicate them.

Draft projects – surveys not yet launched: you can access them to edit previously drafted questionnaires and finalise, share or duplicate them.

To create a new project, click on the top right button (NEW PROJECT). You can start from a previous survey or build one from scratch.

Select the Target

Every new project has to undergo 3 steps before it can be launched.

In this first step you’ll need to set the scope of your survey. The platform will automatically return the feasibility of your projects. Choose:

  • A name for your project
  • The country
  • The sample size
  • The type of sample you need

You can either choose a national representative sample or different targets among 30 categories and 650 profiles. You can also choose to filter your sample: by gender, age, civil status, children, social class and geographical area.

The panel on the right side of your screen displays a summary of your project, so you can keep an eye on your final price. It will change depending on the variables you select.

Configure the Survey

You’ll be working in a comprehensive suite, where you’ll build, customise and launch your questionnaire.

Add new questions through the left-hand menu. You can choose from 10 different question types, each one with its own settings menu to help you get the most out of every survey.

Choose to add questions directly from the Zinklar Questions Library feature. An easy way to access 24+ pre-built questions that can be quickly inputted into a survey. Questions library

The last 2 options from this menu will let you add plain text at any stage of the survey. You can also upload videos or images to use as the base for further questions.

Each question has its own menu, where you’ll find 3 icons:

  • Logic jump: in case you need this question to be shown only to who chose a specific option.
  • Duplicate: in case you want to re-use the question or its answers.
  • Delete: in case you need to get rid of the question.

Once you start adding questions and answers for them you’ll notice that the estimated duration (visible on the right) will start going up and the price will change accordingly. If you get close to the 7 minutes limit, the colour of the clock will switch from green to orange in order to alert you.

To preview your questionnaire at any stage of the process, click on the eye button in the top left corner of the screen.

You can choose to preview it at any point: this functionality shows you exactly how the questionnaire will appear on respondents’ mobile phones. The preview is also useful to check that the flow of the survey is correct, in case you added a logic jump to some questions.

You can also save and share the survey at any time.
When sharing the survey, it will be viewable but not editable.


Launch the project

Once your survey is created, you can move on to the last step of the process and get ready to start receiving results right away!

In Step 3 you will find a summary of your order:

  • Enter your billing information if you haven’t already done so on your Account page
  • Choose a payment method: whether you want to pay with a credit card or with your current balance (you can also top it up from here)
  • Schedule the launch of your survey: the platform is set to launch projects immediately unless you specify otherwise. You’re free to schedule the launch at any date and time, but this could have an impact on the total completion speed.

At this point, you’re done.

Click on LAUNCH PROJECT and start gathering insights to make your next big business decision!

Project Results

You can keep track of the results in real-time or access them from the Projects page once the fieldwork has been completed. You’ll be notified as soon as the project has finalised. Your dashboard:

The top-left button hides the left menu allowing you to view 2 questions per column.

The left-hand menu filters your results by sociodemographic variables. Notice that the base of respondents will change too. When the number of answers with a specific filter is too low, results won’t be displayed.

You can download each question individually (JPEG) or you can export the results in either PPT or Excel (Data File and Aggregated Tables).

You can choose to include any question in the header of the aggregated tables, along with the demographic variables.

From the top menu, you can access the preview of the survey and share the link of the dashboard with anyone you want (they’ll be able to see the results but not access your account).


Account Settings

On the Account page you will be able to:

– View and update your profile settings
– Enter your billing information so you don’t have to type it in every time you launch a project.
– Check your account movements and add funds to your account.
– Check your current subscription plan and request changes.