Editable PowerPoint Results

Our Editable PowerPoint feature allows users to customize survey results on PowerPoint after they have been downloaded.

Now you can export Zinklar’s charts into fully editable PowerPoint slides:

  • Take control over the look and feel of your presentations
  • Improve clarity for your audience by assigning specific colours to brands or target segments
  • Integrate Zinklar’s charts into your own branded template
  • Mix slides from different sources with a coherent look and feel throughout the entire deck
Customizing your charts before exporting

Now, instead of static JPEG images, survey results are interactive and customizable, so it’s easier for users to prepare and share a presentation in the ways that suit their needs best.

Previously, we added options to the bottom right corner of the results screen in the app, so that results could be customized before export. Now, there is no need to rely solely on this function. Results can be personalized even after exporting them to .PPTX.

Customizing your charts after exporting

If there is a filter that was applied before the results have been exported, those changes will still show up in the downloaded results! If further changes are needed though, it is easy to make the changes in PowerPoint.

What can be customized?

You name it!

At any point in the results preparation process, graphs and data can be reformatted to suit the exact need of users. That includes:

  • Font (size and selection)
  • Color (single element or all elements)
  • Type of graph
  • And more

Please note that the Word Cloud will remain as a JPEG in the PowerPoint.

The update makes survey customization easier than ever, but if you are stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our helpful support team, and they will work with you to help get you back on your way.