Heat Map Questions

Our Heat Map Questions feature is a great way to tap into what panelists are drawn to and impacted by. 

For brands looking to ensure that their product is making an impact, heat map survey questions are an effective way to receive feedback on any image, mock-up, or visual.

What are Heat Map Survey Questions?

Whether testing the impact of an ad, logo, packaging, or new product, heat map survey questions allow brands to get insights into what is most impactful to consumers. The results of the questions are representative of where panelists have interacted, which is indicated on a cool-to-warm color scale, with the areas with the most density appearing warmest. 

Features: What’s New?

  • More Customizable Responses: The option “None of the above” response has been added by default to the Heat Map Questions feature. Just like when creating a question using single answer, Search & Select or multiple choice survey responses, this option is automatically added to your Heat Map Question as well. However, the selection can be made optional to best customize the survey.
  • Unlimited Hotspots (or not): Limitless number of hotspots, so panelists can freely click on as many areas of the image or screen as they are moved to. Still, there is the option to create a custom limit on the clickable hotspots so that you can control the number of responses to keep a focus on those particular areas of an image.
  • Survey Logic Jumps are available in Heatmap survey Questions too! Not just limited to original survey questions, logic jumps are available with Heatmap Survey Questions, too. This allows you to create flows depending on the consumer respondent. With this functionality, you have a deeper insight into why they selected a spot on the image (or not) and you can collect a deeper understanding behind the “why” of their choice, rather than relying on the image results alone.

How to Use the Feature

  1. Set up your survey basics, according to how you’d like to focus your study.
  2. As you are constructing your question, select the “Heat Map Question” option to add in the question to your survey.
  3. Add your image and then select the maximum number of touchpoints (or “hot spots”) users are allowed to make. If you leave the box unchecked, the survey will allow for an infinite number of hotspots.
    NOTE: There is no maximum number of hotspots, you as the creator of the survey, you can set limits as appropriate to your survey.
  4. Once the Heat Map Question is set up, you are ready to add the rest of your survey questions and prepare to launch your survey!

The Zinklar Heat Map Questions feature is available to all users of the application.