Custom Quotas

Where to set Custom Quotas

When you are inside the target selection step, under Demographics, click on “Use Demographics Customisation Options”. Then click on the pill corresponding to either Gender, Age, or Area (these are the only variables that allow for customisable quotas). Then click on “Customise Quotas”.


How to set Custom Quotas

First set the sample size you need from the left menu.
For each field related to the socio-demographic variable selected, two boxes will appear. You will need to set either the percentage or the absolute value you need for that specific variable. It is mandatory to assign a value to each variable and that the sum is 100% (or that the absolute values sum up to the desired sample size). Once these requirements are met, the platform will calculate the feasibility (this can take a few seconds) and you can know if your desired amount of completes is feasible.


For the variable Geographical Areas you are only allowed to set custom quotas for Areas, not for Zones.

How setting Custom Quotas affects your project

Although setting Custom Quotas affects the overall incidence rate of the project, we charge based on the incidence rate of the profile selected. This means that once you have selected your profile, applying customised quotas to it will not have an impact on the final price you pay.

The feasibility displayed for a given profile reflects the representative quotas of that profile in the country selected. This means that if you change any of the quotas, the feasibility will be affected. The more your desired quotas differ from the representative ones, the lower will be the available feasibility. It is even possible that the quotas you request are so hard to meet that a profile that has feasibility under representative circumstances becomes not feasible anymore.

The same logic described above applies to the field time of your project: we deliver full results in around three hours for projects that require a representative distribution of the sample type selected. The more your desired quotas differ from the representative ones, the more difficult it is for us to find those people from that profile and thus the longer the field time of your project.

When you set Custom Quotas we will try our best to deliver the exact amount you requested for each of those. Nonetheless we believe that you would prefer to close your project within the day rather than waiting for a week in order to reach the last complete for a specific quota. For this reason we apply a margin error on the quotas you set in order to guarantee that you close the field. This margin is set at 10% for each specific quota (e.g. if you require 20% of men the minimum you will get is 18% and the maximum 22%).