Zinklar allows brands to interact with consumers anytime, anywhere and get unique insights on behaviour and attitudes due to its proximity to consumption.

I have registered an account with Zinklar, now what?

You should have already received an email asking you to confirm your registration. As soon as you do that, you’ll be able to start creating surveys.

In which countries can I launch studies?

Currently, you can launch studies to more than 30 countries including all the most common ones: USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Chile, Japan, etc. We are continuously expanding based on our clients’ needs.

What is your default minimum size for surveys run on Zinklar?

Our default minimum sample size is N = 200, which offers a statistically robust base for most purposes. This figure depends on your objective and target group, and depending on the error margin, you may decide to increase the sample size to ensure your insights are representative.

Do you have consumer profiles?

Yes! In fact, we have more than 650. You can look at our list of profiles by registering into the platform under the sample section, within the drop-down menu of the customized target option.

Why is Zinklar “mobile-only”?

We have chosen the panelists we integrate with to be exclusively mobile because the quality of the answers obtained is the highest. Moreover, we can guarantee better representativeness. Also, the data collection device (mobile-only) brings you even closer to the transaction, meaning more frequent interactions.

Can I upload media files to my surveys?

You can upload both images and videos to receive feedback from our panelists. The maximum size allowed for images is 5MB. The length of the video, once uploaded, will be deducted from the total LOI (Length of Interview).

How many questions can I ask?

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask in your surveys as long as you stay within the 7-minute LOI limit. This is the maximum length we allow per survey in order to ensure the best quality answers from respondents. A timer with the estimated duration of your survey will always be visible.

How long do the results take to come through?

The results are displayed instantaneously in real-time on the platform once fieldwork starts. On average, fieldwork takes just a few hours.

In what format can I see my results?

Other than seeing the results on your real time dashboard, you are able to download the data file and aggregated tables in Excel format and to generate a PowerPoint presentation of the results.

Is it possible to filter my data to look at different variables?

You can decide upfront to filter your target by socio-demographic variables (e.g. gender, age, geographical area, etc.). After the fieldwork is completed, you can filter the results on your dashboard for any of the target variables.

Do you also offer assistance and consulting services?

Yes, our Research Experts Team is always available to assist you in anything you need, from building the survey to analyzing the results, to providing a final report with actionable insights. Should you need some support in getting around the platform and figuring out your research needs, you can also speak to our experts at any point.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Our team is at your disposal to answer any questions you have, so do not hesitate to contact them. You can contact them here.