We offer a unique pricing plan just for you, tailored to your needs and preferences.

How does the pricing work?

At Zinklar we work with subscriptions. Every single one of our subscription plans are all-inclusive and focused on increasing your ROI. Every business’s needs are different so instead of offering you a list of set plans, we create a tailored plan just for you.

What does a subscription include?

It includes all study types and segmentation options. Also, access to every one of our panels, without any profile exclusions. Your custom subscription also includes Market Research Expert advice and support every step of the way.

What is the subscription amount?

We define the amount of each subscription with the client to choose the amount that best fits with their needs. Subscription amount can be considered as credit available in the platform, which is used to launch projects in an agile and immediate way, every time you need it. Having the available credit means there is no need to wait for a Purchase Order to field a study.

What is the duration of the subscription?

The standard subscription period is 12 months. In the case of a remaining balance at the end of the subscription, the amount will be carried over into the new subscription, provided that the renewal is billed for an amount equal to or greater than the previous subscription.

How does the expert support hours work?

The complementary support hours include assistance in the design and review of the questionnaires. It does not include coding and tabulation of open questions or reports, as they will be budgeted separately and accounted for according to the conditions of the additional support section.

How is the price of each study calculated?

The price of each study is defined by the LOI (Length of Interview), the size of the sample, and the profile of your required audience. The more niche or selective your audience is, the higher the price will be. We’re always transparent with our pricing. Our platform automatically calculates the price and displays it as you go through each of the different steps. You’ll be able to easily keep your study within the required budget.

What else do I need to take into account?

The payment is due 30 days from the invoice date and all prices are stated without VAT.