Zinklar Webinar

Democratizing insights to help every brand grow

While customer centricity is proven to be a synonym of success in the marketplace, this has only been historically accessible to a minority of businesses. Understanding your target audience enables you to strategically tweak your product offering, and how you position yourself in the market, and, ultimately, it can represent a critical competitive advantage to beat your competitors.


Zinklar democratizes high-quality consumer Insights to empower every brand looking to expand its international footprint to do so with the level of awareness and control that only ad-hoc market research can provide.

During the session, a team of market research experts will share with you how the Zinklar technology can enable any business leader to conduct effective research campaigns to:

  • Pick the right market where to focus their expansion efforts
  • Assess how their products and services are received by their target audience
  • Identify potential barriers to entry such as a fiercely competitive landscape